Parent Pay Transportation Support Program



What is the Parent Pay Transportation Support Program?

Our parent pay transportation support program (PPTSP) is a subscription-based service that allows parents to obtain access to school bus student transportation services when transportation services are not currently offered or funded by the school.

It is primarily designed for situations where an area(s) is designated as non-transported by the school district due to walk distance, school of choice (magnet school) or the school currently does not offer school bus transportation. This program allows the parent to contract directly with our company to provide school bus student transportation services. 

Wow! This service is something my child needs! How much does it cost?

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Why should I use your service rather than drive my child to school?


  • Average cost per day using our PPTSP (Based upon full payment and average number children per family)  - $7.16 - $11.66 

  • Average cost per day for parents to transport student in private vehicle to and from school  (Average distance per day per student distance from home to school for bus riders at 5 miles assuming two round trips) - $10.80 

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  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the National Academy of Sciences, and the U. S. Department of Transportation say that school buses are the safest forms of ground transportation to and from school and school sponsored events.

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that traveling by school bus is seven (7) times safer than traveling by car or truck.

  • All of our Drivers are subject to pre-employment and annual motor vehicle record checks, state/federal criminal background checks, and state sexual offender checks. In addition, all drivers are subject to pre-employment and periodic drug and alcohol testing as well.

  • All of our School Buses are inspected regularly and certified annually for safety.

  • All of our School Buses are equipped with GPS tracking and can be equipped with optional student tracking.

  • All of our School Route & Activity buses are equipped with Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant Wi-Fi in support of the Digital Learning Environment.

Yes, I am interested! How do I start the process?

Due to the cost of operations to put a school bus route on the road, we require the parents of at least 35 students at the same school to express interest in the PPTSP. To determine if there is enough interest to start a school bus route, please click on the link below, print and fill out our school bus registration form. This form can be faxed to (877) 671-8842 or emailed to  Once the minimum number of registrations are received, each parent will be contacted by email for more details.

PPTSP Transportation Application Form (pdf)


Fee Schedule

Fees for PPTSP are based on the requested day the student plans to ride the bus (not school attendance), therefore, parents are responsible for fees whether the student rides or not. (This includes club meetings, bus suspension, sick days and family vacation time). Payments will be drafted monthly - rate will be pro-rated according to start date. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR EARLY WITHDRAWAL. Currently we only accept payments for the PPTSP though PayPal or a credit card. Payment is due on the 25th of the month. Students will not be permitted to ride if payment is not processed prior to the 1st day of the next month.